I think I pulled a Charlie Sheen . . . .

I haven’t posted in quite a while.

My previous posts contemplated my decision to leave full-time work and return to sessional academic work. I did this for two reasons – because my (then current) job was driving me crazy & to help facilitate my PhD studies/get back into academic work. This seemed like an ideal decision at first and I was inundated with work offers – all of which I accepted as I was worried about my financial situation – I had to re-locate back from the country to my home city which meant re-location expenses and much higher living costs.

The semester went very well for the first 8 or 9 weeks – I had a lot (over 200) students and I was working non-stop with 4 teaching jobs (1 which was an overnight commute) but I was enjoying the work and doing well . . or so I thought.

But, I am currently spending most of my day/s curled up in bed watching TV Series on my computer – – I think I might have a chance at saving my candidacy but I am too stressed about work and too tired all of the time to be able to focus. I would like to think this is just me & others have had more effective experiences returning to the academy – and I am left wondering about self-sabotage.


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