The One-Draft Dissertation

How many have you done so far?

According to Carlis from The University of Minnesota,

it is not only achievable to write a one-draft dissertation, it is desirable – and dependent upon design. Carlis suggests that the one-draft is based upon the following:

Says Carlis:

My goal in this paper is to codify an effective and efficient way to design and then write a  dissertation in one draft – yes, really one draft – so that I more readily could pass it on to  my own students, and share it with other students and their advisors. If you are a Ph.D student who needs to write a dissertation or a dissertation proposal then this paper ought to  interest you, and your advisor too. The design advice presented here also applies to you if you merely (hah) need to write a research paper. To get going here are some questions for you to ponder. What does “draft” mean? Here a draft is a completed unit, something that you give to others for review. I do not consider small scale revising, say editing within a paragraph
while leaving the structure alone, the same as re-drafting. Do not misunderstand; “one  draft” does not mean that you just start from a blank slate with final words of truth and  beauty rolling off your fingertips. No, producing a dissertation is work, but it is merely  work, not some mystical thing. Read on to find out how to do it.

What makes me qualified to give advice about a one-draft dissertation? Experience does.

If you are interested in downloading a free copy of the full PDF – click here


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