Screw you 2012!

Dear 2012

You were meant to be a great year. You opened with me getting a new, permanent job in my dream location, complete with a house one street from the beautiful white beach. The move here was exciting and I was full of hope for my new position which promised me that a year of servitude would be rewarded by an even better job, teaching what I loved, in an area that I loved for a great good salary. What the hell 2012? You didn’t just screw me over, you bent me over like a Kardashian and truly went to town – and I’m sure that you have the photos to prove it.

How can a dream job be such a nightmare? I hated it from day 1 but I really, really tried to make it work. I did everything they asked of me even when I felt my soul was being slowly wrenched from my body. Looking back I still don’t quite understand exactly what was wrong except that work , work and more work was quickly followed by initiatives and more initiatives which was then rounded up with a few meetings, which followed meetings. Everyone else seemed to love the job – it took me ages to see the cracks and fissures in the faces of some of my co-workers but, even then, it was whispered about rather than discussed and nobody dared say anything too loudly, just in case. We were all expected to be damn grateful to be there and that gratitude was expected every single moment of every single day.

I tried so hard for a whole year, waiting you out 2012, sure and even arrogant in the knowledge that along with 2013 would come changes in my job and a new joy! But you had the last laugh there to didn’t you? You knew all along that there were no changes coming, that everything was staying just the way it was – that I was doomed to repeat 2012 forever and ever if I stayed.

Well I am not staying 2012. I am moving on. Screw you, screw them and screw the money. I quit, I give up – you win. Just please now let me be so I can see other years in peace, you and I were never meant to be 2012. It’s over!!

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